Underwater adventures (Pulau Tioman, Malaysia)

Manuele and I finally managed to have our first weekend out of Singapore; a 3 day trip to Pulau Tioman, a tropical island in Malaysia. With my growing awareness of plastic pollution and the toxicity caused by basic hygiene products, I wanted to bring and buy as little disposable waste as possible for this trip, and use products that … More Underwater adventures (Pulau Tioman, Malaysia)

Calendula Tea

So, my mother has always loved nature and natural remedies. Growing up in Sweden, we always had a big garden where she planted herbs, vegetables and berries. I spent my summers in the garden, picking never ending amounts of berries that she used to make home made juice, marmalade and cake. Our garden was also full of bright … More Calendula Tea

MacRitchie Nature Reserve – A walk in the Rainforest

So our long planned weekend to Bali was cancelled thanks to another volcanic eruption in Indonesia, and we had to find other ways to entertain ourselves for the weekend. Luckily I bought a Lonely Planet recently and made a list of places in Singapore we still haven’t visited. It felt like nothing could make up … More MacRitchie Nature Reserve – A walk in the Rainforest

A holiday place I bet you never heard of

So we all know of the obvious holiday and backpacking places to visit every summer and winter. That’s why, I’ve taken on the job of sharing less known places that I find beauuuuutiful. Starting with my birth town: JAJCE (Bosnia-Hercegovina) It’s not every day you come across a town with a massive waterfall in the city centre. In … More A holiday place I bet you never heard of

Dream Catcher is back

I had so much fun learning to make a dream catcher with the Meetup group Crafty Craft, that I soon ran off to buy more materials (read here how to make a dream catcher). I’ve always wanted to have a massive dream catcher hanging up at home. I also love bright colours. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? … More Dream Catcher is back

Best Deodorant (DIY)

Today I will introduce you to something fantastic that everyone should know about. The homemade DIY deodorant. OK, so I know that smelly armpits is a taboo topic to some people. I had mixed feelings when I found this recipe for how to make your own deodorant at coconutoil.com, but I was curious enough ti try it. … More Best Deodorant (DIY)