Becoming sustainable

Yesterday WHO confirmed what we already suspected, meat is as bad as cigarettes (read here). And as suspected people are already passionately rejecting this with explanations and exceptions. Alongside there are several studies and a great documentary Cowspiracy (watch it here, or on Netflix) which shows us that the meat and dairy industry is rrrrrreally bad … More Becoming sustainable

Fabric Shopping Bags

I think most of us know why we shouldn’t use plastic bags, so this won’t be another lecture. Instead I present you with a solution: shoppuing bags made of old T-shirts. I can’t believe I never thought of this, but when I saw this blog post through Pinteres, I was amazed. Follow the tutorial at DeliaCreates

Best Deodorant (DIY)

Today I will introduce you to something fantastic that everyone should know about. The homemade DIY deodorant. OK, so I know that smelly armpits is a taboo topic to some people. I had mixed feelings when I found this recipe for how to make your own deodorant at, but I was curious enough ti try it. … More Best Deodorant (DIY)