Yoga and Scoliosis

What I see when I open youtube in the morning. 😀 I started practicing yoga around three weeks ago and how I look and feel is incredible. My favorite yogi is Ali Kamenova. There are lots of yogis on youtube, and they are all amazing in their own ways. But Ali kills me every time, leaving me glued to … More Yoga and Scoliosis

Calendula Tea

So, my mother has always loved nature and natural remedies. Growing up in Sweden, we always had a big garden where she planted herbs, vegetables and berries. I spent my summers in the garden, picking never ending amounts of berries that she used to make home made juice, marmalade and cake. Our garden was also full of bright … More Calendula Tea

Best Deodorant (DIY)

Today I will introduce you to something fantastic that everyone should know about. The homemade DIY deodorant. OK, so I know that smelly armpits is a taboo topic to some people. I had mixed feelings when I found this recipe for how to make your own deodorant at, but I was curious enough ti try it. … More Best Deodorant (DIY)