Fabric Shopping Bags

I think most of us know why we shouldn’t use plastic bags, so this won’t be another lecture. Instead I present you with a solution: shoppuing bags made of old T-shirts. I can’t believe I never thought of this, but when I saw this blog post through Pinteres, I was amazed. Follow the tutorial at DeliaCreates

Urban Farming

I’ve been inspired by this blog post where Ariel shares 13 plants which can basically regrow themselves. I used to grow my own veg in UK last year (read about it here), and it’s a fascinating and special experience when you watch your hard work grow big and healthy. Lemongrass is a natural mosquito repellent, and while sprays … More Urban Farming

Calendula Tea

So, my mother has always loved nature and natural remedies. Growing up in Sweden, we always had a big garden where she planted herbs, vegetables and berries. I spent my summers in the garden, picking never ending amounts of berries that she used to make home made juice, marmalade and cake. Our garden was also full of bright … More Calendula Tea

Dream Catcher is back

I had so much fun learning to make a dream catcher with the Meetup group Crafty Craft, that I soon ran off to buy more materials (read here how to make a dream catcher). I’ve always wanted to have a massive dream catcher hanging up at home. I also love bright colours. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? … More Dream Catcher is back

Best Deodorant (DIY)

Today I will introduce you to something fantastic that everyone should know about. The homemade DIY deodorant. OK, so I know that smelly armpits is a taboo topic to some people. I had mixed feelings when I found this recipe for how to make your own deodorant at coconutoil.com, but I was curious enough ti try it. … More Best Deodorant (DIY)