Yoga and Scoliosis

youtube yoga

What I see when I open youtube in the morning. 😀

I started practicing yoga around three weeks ago and how I look and feel is incredible.

My favorite yogi is Ali Kamenova. There are lots of yogis on youtube, and they are all amazing in their own ways. But Ali kills me every time, leaving me glued to the floor, grateful that it’s finally over, arms and legs shaking, unable to get up. And every day I go back to her channel again, looking for another tough class.

Every morning I wake up and I look forward to those 30-45 minutes of yoga. Every day I feel stronger, and more in tune with my body. I turn my mat so that I can stare out the window on the green bushes outside. It’s a freeing feeling.

It started as an alternative to a few of my physio therapy workouts. I work out 30 minutes every morning because of scoliosis. After 9 months the workouts weren’t enough anymore, there was no more improvement, so I needed something harder. I substituted a few simple core and glutes workouts with yoga, and after that day I’ve added 30 min yoga to my morning routine (yes, that means over 60 min workout every morning). Some days I focus on upper body (to improve my crocked back) and some days lower body (for balance). Combined with the physio workouts my scoliosis is almost gone now.

I’ve also started going to meditation class every few weeks, which helps with focus and stop stressing. The combination with daily yoga is powerful.

yoga crow poseyoga pidgeon pose

On the left is crow pose, after 1 week of yoga. Yes, I’m wearing a dress. 🙂

On the right, pigeon pose, I only did this to show off the bikini top I finished the night before (available on Etsy).

Scoliosis improvement
Pictures taken 6 months apart, all workout and strong will
X-ray from last year

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