Urban Farming

I’ve been inspired by this blog post where Ariel shares 13 plants which can basically regrow themselves. I used to grow my own veg in UK last year (read about it here), and it’s a fascinating and special experience when you watch your hard work grow big and healthy.

urban farm lemongrass

Lemongrass is a natural mosquito repellent, and while sprays are made by extracting it’s scent into a concentrated essential oil, I’m hoping that having a few of the plants around the flat will have some effect as well.

I took the herb out of it’s supermarket package and stuck it into a Kopparberg cider bottle (so Swedish!). I re-fill the bottle with water every day. This is how much the roots have grown in a few days!

urban farm lemongrass

Today I moved my lemongrass plant to a cute tea cup and some soil and fertilizer I got from Quan Fa, a local organic farm in Singapore.

urban farm lemongrass

Fennel is crazy expensive over here, so I’m trying this trick to make the veggie regrow itself from it’s leftover bottom. Finally that ashtray came to some use!

Like with the lemongrass, I re-fill the ashtray with water every day. I’m also extra careful with this one as there is a lot of stagnant water for mosquitoes to breed and grow, so I clean the tray daily.

urban farm fennel


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