A step in the right direction

Puffy Shorts (1 of 1)-2

I am taking my shop, Ana Von R, into a new direction. As I’m becoming increasingly aware of the pollution caused by the fashion industry, I’ve worked hard on finding a more sustainable and environment friendly solution for my shop.

I’ve pledged not using any new plastic or synthetics in my production, and any synthetic that I use will be recycled or upcycled. Any new fabric that I buy must be organically grown (without pesticides) and dyed with non-toxic dye.

So I’ve bought piles of (used) vintage Sari from India and sat down at my new sewing machine. It’s been so long since I sewed something (thanks to the move to Singapore) that it felt great and I spent all day, every day, designing and sewing.

Here are my two newest pices

A skirt made from a vintage sari and has little metal buttons in the side, instead of a zipper, so you can unbutton and get into the skirt. And Pure silk shorts, also made from a vintage sari. The shorts don’t have elastic bands in the waste, but instead I’ve sewn two strips of fabric which you pull and tie into a bow to make them fit your size.

I always thought basic was more beautiful!

Moon-Shaped Skirt (1 of 7)

Moon-Shaped Skirt (3 of 7)

Puffy Shorts (1 of 1)-2

Puffy Shorts (1 of 1)
7 little metal buttons, buttoned up with hand sewn loops

Puffy Silk Shorts (1 of 5)

Instead of sewing common button holes from thread, I’ve taken it one step further by sewing fabric button holes, also known as “Bound Buttonhole”, made from the same silk fabric as the shorts. Click on the image below for a bigger and better picture:

Puffy Silk Shorts

I’ve also started using a different technique for the stitching, which is better quality as it’s made with double seams, and there aren’t any ugly edges. Check it out

Puffy Shorts (2 of 2)

Puffy Silk Shorts (3 of 5)

Puffy Silk Shorts (5 of 5)


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