A holiday place I bet you never heard of

So we all know of the obvious holiday and backpacking places to visit every summer and winter.

That’s why, I’ve taken on the job of sharing less known places that I find beauuuuutiful.

Starting with my birth town:

JAJCE (Bosnia-Hercegovina)

It’s not every day you come across a town with a massive waterfall in the city centre.

Breathtaking waterfall of Jajce
The waterfall of Jajce (Source: http://vazda.ba/)

jajce waterfall

In case you were wondering, yes, you can go swimming at the top of the waterfall. In fact, every year there is a contest where locals dive from the top of the waterfall. Yes, people jumping off the edge with their head first.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

jajce fort

Jajce was built some time in 14th century and was the capital of the Kingdom of Bosnia at the time

jajce mill
Watermills in Jajce

Still functioning mills, driven by water

jajce river

Vrbas river

Photo of Jajce waterfall in 1890 and 1900 (Source: Wikimedia)

Jajce’s waterfall, picture taken 1890-1900

The town and waterfall were badly damaged during the 90’s war, but have since been restored. I for one, plan on going there summer 2016!


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