Best Deodorant (DIY)

Today I will introduce you to something fantastic that everyone should know about. The homemade DIY deodorant.

OK, so I know that smelly armpits is a taboo topic to some people. I had mixed feelings when I found this recipe for how to make your own deodorant at, but I was curious enough ti try it. And I am I happy I did!

Moisturizer Cream

Recipe here:

I smell like a walking lemon cake

Why did I start making homemade deodorant?

  • It’s cheaper
  • I know exactly what’s in it, no toxic stuff (read more here)
  • Reduce of waste, as I don’t have to buy a new deodorant every month (I’m still using the same products I bought months ago)
  • My armpits have become more soft and happy from the coconut oil

It has now been over 4 months since I started making my own deodorant. The recipe is simple enough to try, and I had most of the ingredients in the kitchen. I didn’t have any essential oils lying around for my first batch, but as I had a seriously fragrant organic coconut oil, my deodorant took the yummy smell of coconut. For my second attempt I read about the benefits of Tea tree oil, of which mainly two things caught my attention. Antiseptic and absorbing bad smell. Hmm.

So I added 4 drops of Tee Tree oil and 4 drops of Bergamot essential oil to my deodorant, and now I smell like a walking lemon cake. I can’t stop smelling myself!

Sidenote: I usually have to apply the deodorant twice per day, but I think that has more to do with the constant heat and sweating than the deodorant itself.


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