DIY Rainbow Dreamcatcher

Making dream catcher

DIY Dream Catcher 7

Since moving to Singapore, I’ve joined as a way to meet people and make new friends with similar interest. There are all kinds of meetups around here, meetup for breakfast lovers, for yogis, artists and crafters and so on.

I’ve always dreamed of making dream catchers of my own, but it was one of those things I never got around to do. So when Crafty Crafts made a meetup to make a rainbow dream catcher, I got hyped with excitement

What we used to make our dream catchers:

  • 2 rings of different sizes
  • Thread
  • Feathers
  • Very thin metal wire (to hold the feathers)
  • Glue

DIY Dream Catcher rings

Glue the start of thread to one of the rings and start wrapping the thread (tightly) around the ring. You can add more glue halfway through to keep the thread in place

DIY Dream Catcher threading rings

First ring looking good!

DIY Dream Catcher

Both rings looking good!

DIY Dream Catcher 2

tie a new thread to the ring and start making little knots like here in a spiral. Try pulling the threads tight to get an even shape.

DIY Dream Catcher 3

I started using a needle when it got tight

DIY Dream Catcher 4

Both rings completed!

DIY Dream Catcher 5

4 hours later!

I wrapped metal wire around the feathers to hold them in place, and then used more of the rainbow coloured thread to tie them to the body.

DIY Dream Catcher 6

Struggling to understand how I did it? Don’t worry, here is is a youtube video from Sea Lemon, who makes a simple dream catcher and explains what dream catchers are used for.

Have fun!


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